I prayed for this

Prayed for 18 times.


Can you please continue to hold my great nephew in prayer as he begins a long journey to recovery? In November when the doctor ordered a CT scan on this young boy’s head because he banged it at school, nobody expected a report that revealed a large brain tumour. Of course we know there are no accidents with God, and praises were sent up with Thanksgiving that this tumour was discovered. The 1st surgery went well when they were able to get the larger part of the tumour, and he came home eager to go back to school and out ice fishing with his grandpa. The second surgery was around the brain stem where we were made known of all the risks. Things became complicated. Tristan couldn’t talk, eat, or move. Then fluid built up causing pressure on the brain and a third surgery was required. It was so difficult for my niece to watch her boy go from a healthy 16 year old who loved to hunt and fish with his grandpa and four wheel in the countryside with his friends to a boy who can’t talk, or move his limbs on his own. He is like a rag doll who needs to be lifted and adjusted so he doesn’t slide out of a wheelchair. It’s so painful for his loved ones who have been so devastated watching and praying. The glory is God’s for successful surgeons at CHEO who worked so hard to get Tristan to a place they can rehabilitate him. We stand in faith believing he will one day come back to being that beautiful young vivacious soul who loves life to the fullest. Would you stand in prayer with us to see God raise him up; not only for full recovery but to give witness onto a God who Loves! A God who heals!

Received: January 9, 2023

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