Jesus Cares

No matter how “big” or “small”,¬†Jesus cares about what you’re going through. Below are¬†just a few stories of the amazing things we’ve seen happen through prayer at Harvest.


God has not given us a spirit of fear!

Rebekah shares her story of mental health breakthrough!

“Get up and Walk”

A powerful testimony from a woman named Debora in Brazil!

Jason’s healing

A young girl's prayers were answered, and Jason is living in the victory of his healing!

He Redeems the Years

Murray and Lenae share their story of saying yes to whatever God would ask of them

Alison and Andre’s Miracle Baby

Alison and Andre share their journey of faith when a baby seemed impossible

Ray & Lucy’s Big Move

Ray and Lucy talk about the impact small group had on their ability to make the move from Timmins

Pierre’s Healing

Pierre shares an incredibly story of his healing from the effects of parkinson's

A New Beginning for Missy

Missy's story of how small group set her free from a challenging past experience

Darkness to Light

Alison's story of freedom from depression and anxiety

Christine’s Breakthrough

Freedom from an addiction to smoking