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Nicole Russell

My mom has a valve leaking a lot which is backing up into her lungs. They want to do a procedure to fix it. The doctor wants to close the valve a bit. My mom’s heart muscle has weakened a bit because of the heart attack. The doctor is afraid that if she doesn’t get this procedure done, then she will be back in the hospital in the next 6 months to a year. He is hoping she is a good candidate for the procedure and will be running more tests. My mom will going for an TEE tomorrow morning. They will put a tube down her esophagus to determine how bad the valves are and how much blockage she has. She still has a small one. They are giving her Lasix to help with the fluid in her lungs and around them. The procedure they are hoping they can do is called micro clip. Her keratin is at 158. It is still a little high but it hasn’t changed. The normal numbers should be around 65-100. They are still keeping an eye on her kidneys. Please pray for peace and that both procdures will go good.

Received: November 30, 2022

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