I prayed for this

Prayed for 7 times.


Hi, everyone I am fairly new to your church (less then a year) my heart and a special person that shared on her facebook how grand this church was so I decided to come see it for myself. The feeling I get when I go is undescribable it magical, thank you for doing what you do.

For 2 1/2 years I have been around people with covid took care of some of them and always been extra carefull and cautious, because I Am vulnerable to catching anything. I was so so proud of myself until Yesterday well you all know were this is going.... I now have covid and its extremely hard, I can’t take care of my mom like I do every month for a week straight I am locked in a bedroom no use to no one.

Symptoms are crazy and I do not wish on anyone its brutal. Please If I could get just one person to pray for my health to come back without to much suffering it would be amazing. Give me strenght thru all this.

Thank you so much

Merci beaucoup xox

Received: July 23, 2022

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