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Pastor Roy Preaches on how we are to live expecting God to do great things in our life, like heal!

Consider and Discuss

• If you have received a healing in your life, share your story with the group.

• Review Exodus 15:22-27: do you have a “Marah” situation in your life right now? If so take time to discuss it with the group.

• What steps have you taken to put the “tree” (the work of the cross) into that situation?

• Is there anything that keeps you from going forward for prayer on a Sunday morning? What can you do to be released in this area? Do you have suggestions that would make this time more inviting, so you could take part?

• What can we do to increase our level of expectancy (our faith) in relation to healing?

Last Week's Message

Pastor Roy preaches on the love language of God – worship!

Consider and Discuss

  • • Read Psalm 149. Which of the seven aspects of praise discussed in the message are referred to in verses 1 to 3?

    • At Harvest’s services, we begin with a concentrated time of corporate worship. What factors drive or affect your engagement in the worship time? (For example, your church background, your personality, pride, fears, children, distractions, etc.) What can you do to improve it?

    • Are any of the aspects of praise that Pastor Roy shared with us a challenge for you? i.e. Do you have to leave your “comfort zone” in order to participate? Is there a time when you did step out and experienced a new level of engagement in worship?

    • How can these worship principles be applied in your personal devotional life? Share with the group personal worship habits that work for you.

    • If we make the e ort to fully engage in worship, including perhaps leaving our comfort zone, how might that affect other areas of our Christian walk such as obedience, faith, evangelism, etc? If you have a testimony in this area, share it with the group.


what's happening


StepOne is a monthly, one-hour presentation followed by lunch to give you the chance to meet and chat with some of the staff and leaders.

StepOne takes place the first Sunday of every month, during our second service in the Fireside room right here at Harvest.


Spring Clean Up

As it gets a bit warmer we want to make sure that our church grounds look great all year round, so we’re asking for your help on Saturday, April 28th from 9-11am to clean up our church grounds!


Send your kids on an impacting island adventure! At Shipwrecked Kid’s Camp, kids discover how Jesus rescues us through life’s storms. Shipwrecked is filled with incredible Bible-learning experiences kids see, hear, touch, and even taste! Sciency-fun gizmos, team-building games, catchy music and tasty treats are just a few of the stand out activities that help faith flow into real life.  Plus, we’ll help kids discover how to see evidence of God in every day life – something we call God Sightings. You don’t want to miss Shipwrecked Kid’s Camp – register your child online for a memorable, life-changing adventure this summer!


small groups

We believe that community and Christianity are inseparable. It’s impossible to fully experience everything God has for us as Christ-followers without genuine Christian community.

That’s why we have small groups!

Our small groups meet 3 times a month throughout the Cornwall area to connect, answer questions from the sermon, challenge, support, and love one another. We would love for you to be a part of one this fall!



We believe in generosity.

We believe in the wholehearted giving of our time, abilities, and finances. We don’t think God needs your money, we just believe we need the change true generosity brings to our hearts. Learn more about what we believe by listening to our recent Blessed Life message series here.


get involved

We believe that the church is God’s dream team, doing his work here on earth as we strive together to become more like him and to introduce those around us to his love, goodness, and faithfulness.

Ministries include Media, Production, Welcome Team, Cafe, and Children’s Ministry.

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Already on a team? Let us know how God has moved in your life!

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get connected

First time here? We’re so glad!

Talk to one of our greeters and we would love to answer any of your questions, as well as give you a gift of a $10 gift card to our cafe!


StepOne is a one-day event for anyone who would like to get more involved at Harvest, or find out more about what we believe and why. You will also get the chance to have lunch with some of our staff and other leaders.

This event is held during our second service, the first Sunday of every month. We will be presenting Harvest’s history and the foundational beliefs and values we hold.

At the end of StepOne, your next step will be clear, and we will help you develop a sort of road map as you consider your continued engagement here at Harvest.