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Pastor Roy concludes our series on Breaking Small with the message “But… then… the Harvest”.

Consider and Discuss

Before your small group meeting this week take time to read Luke 9:11-17 and consider the following for discussion:
• Why do you think the disciples wanted to send the multitudes away?
• The disciples did not know where they were going to get the resources to meet the need of this hungry multitude. How do you think they felt when Jesus said “you feed them”.
• Jesus took the small portion of food and looked up to heaven and blessed and broke it and distributed it to His disciples. What do you think Jesus wanted his disciples to understand from this act? What can we learn from this act?
• Discuss what it must have looked like to see fish and bread multiply every time the disciples broke another piece of bread off. What do you think is the significance that each apostle had their own basket of leftovers to take home?
• As a disciple at Harvest, can you identify with the apostles? Thinking you should let someone else minister to those who don’t know Jesus yet because you lack the resources? How can you apply this story to your life to break small, and to see the multitudes gathered around your life?

Last week

Ryan and Brittany Brink share from Daniel 3 about “Even If” situations: trusting in God when life doesn’t make sense.

Consider and Discuss

– Are you currently facing a significant “even if…” situation that is challenging your trust in Jesus? (For example, consider worst-case scenarios you’re worried about, potentially compromising situations at work, unexplainable major life situations challenging you, or relational offense.)

– Is there someone you trust that you could make aware of this situation so they can stand with you, encourage you, and challenge you to stay true to your convictions through your “even if”?

– We talked about three ways to maintain faith through “Even If” situations. Which one resonates with you the most, and why?

– Do you have any offense or frustration left over from a situation in your past? Ask God to reveal it to you so you can give it to him and be free from it.

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Guardians Conference

Join us for Guardians, a 1-day men’s conference on Saturday, November 25th. This will be a great evening of sports, supper, and a message from Pastor Roy on how YOU can be the guardian of your galaxy.

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Operation Heart

Don’t forget about our outreach, Operation Heart, where we’re blessing over 55 children and families at Heart of the Family. To participate, grab some ornaments off of the wooden trees in the main entrance and purchase the gift specified on the ornaments. All gifts need to be returned by December 10th at the latest!


Winter Classes

This January we’re launching two brand new mid-week classes: Freedom, and Parenting on Purpose. Both courses will be 7:00 PM every Wednesday evening for 12 weeks starting January 10.


small groups

We believe that community and Christianity are inseparable. It’s impossible to fully experience everything God has for us as Christ-followers without genuine Christian community.

That’s why we have small groups!

Our small groups meet 3 times a month throughout the Cornwall area to connect, answer questions from the sermon, challenge, support, and love one another. We would love for you to be a part of one this fall!


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We believe that the church is God’s dream team, doing his work here on earth as we strive together to become more like him and to introduce those around us to his love, goodness and faithfulness.

Ministries include Media, Production, Welcome Team, Cafe, and Children’s Ministry.


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First time here? We’re so glad!

Talk to one of our greeters and we would love to answer any of your questions, as well as give you a gift of a $10 gift card to our cafe!


StepOne is a one-day event for anyone who would like to get more involved at Harvest, or find out more about what we believe and why. You will also get the chance to have lunch with some of our staff and other leaders.

This event is held during our second service, the first Sunday of every month. We will be presenting Harvest’s history and the foundational beliefs and values we hold.

At the end of StepOne, your next step will be clear, and we will help you develop a sort of road map as you consider your continued engagement here at Harvest.



Seeds is a midweek gathering of people who are wondering what it means to be a “Christ follower”.

Seeds will help you understand the history and basis for Christianity, what we believe, and why we live the way we do.